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Hi! I'm Kirsten, The Southern Teach. I am a Texas teacher who creates educational resources for elementary teachers.

I also help teacher sellers start, build, and grow a  well-designed TPT store that draws attention and brings in more sales each month through sharing tips, strategies, and services related to branding, product listings, and marketing.

Besides working as a teacherpreneur, I do enjoy the finer things in life. Coffee is my BFF. Wine and cheese are my jam. British baking competitions, TLC reality shows, and barre class bring me joy. And I still somehow know ALL the words to “Fergalicious”.  


 Here's What I Believe In: 

✨ I believe that teachers should have access to resources that are easy to prep and aren’t time-consuming, full of fluff, or overwhelming.


✨ I believe that every teacher has the potential to share their strengths, creative ideas, and knowledge with others through free and paid services or products for other educators.


✨ I believe that teachers don’t have to compromise their work/life balance and can enjoy what they do without feeling burned out – whether it’s teaching full-time, running a teacher business full-time, or a little bit of both!


My goal is to help and inspire other teachers to unlock their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. Know that I'm here for you!  




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