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Your TPT Brand, Great British Bake Off Style

Your TPT Brand, Great British Bake Off Style

branding marketing tpt sellers May 10, 2021

This month will be a fun one! Because we are going to talk all about TPT Branding and Designing.... with a twist!  

One of my favorite shows to watch is the Great British Bake Off. In each episode, a set of amateur bakers are given three challenges based on that week's theme: a signature challenge, a technical challenge, and a show-stopper. The themes each week vary; sometimes it's cake week, other times it's pastry week.  

I love a good analogy, so I'll be relating this addictive baking show to your TpT business! Let's do a quick overview of each one and what it stands for in the TpT world.



The Signature Challenge


This challenge is for the amateur bakers to show off their recipes for bakers they may make for friends and family.



How the Signature Challenge Relates to TpT


The signature challenge is just like your unique brand! It's everything that makes you memorable and stand out in the crowd. It's the message you convey to others.

It's also all about giving a good first impression through your personality, voice, story, visuals, and more. You could also consider the feelings your brand evokes, and the vibe it gives off through elements such as colors and fonts.

In the Great British Bake Off, something that might happen in the signature challenge is a Paul Hollywood handshake. If this judge is super impressed with the contestant's bake, he will give them a handshake, a sign of an excellent job.

This special handshake can be compared to converting our audience into customers, and customers into raving fans. Who wouldn't want to give off a good impression with their branding?



The Technical Challenge


This challenge requires some knowledge and experience to bake a product with limited time or minimal instructions. Bakers are all given the same ingredients and recipe and they can't practice or know about it beforehand. The finished products are judged blind and ranked.



How the Technical Challenge Relates to TpT


The technical challenge relates to the stuff everyone needs to perfect and get analytical with: titles, descriptions, pricing, and quality! It's all about the keyword research in advance to optimize your resources to the top results or one of the top pages on TPT.

It's also thinking about competitive pricing; not selling yourself short but also not overpricing your resources. And of course, it's all about creating quality resources that your customers can trust.

Sometimes you are going into TpT analytics and SEO with limited knowledge or instructions on how to get the most traction on your resources. A resource you may think is amazing doesn’t even see the light of day and vice versa. But that's the beauty of being a teacherpreneur - it's risk/reward!




The Showstopper Challenge


This challenge is for bakers to show of their talent and wow the judges with a well-designed bake that also is amazing in flavor. 



How the Showstopper Challenge Relates to TpT


I relate the showstopper challenge to putting your TPT store together in a cohesive style and wowing the audience with product covers, previews, and thumbnails! 

It's also all about how and where you market your TpT resources on social media platforms, email, or even Pinterest. It's a great way to build an audience who may not have heard of your TpT store before! 

Something else to consider is that customers favor a resource that is professional and captivating in appearance but also outstanding in the actual resource and the value that they are getting in order to use in their classroom. You want to absolutely wow your potential customers so you can land more conversions on your resources, which will in turn lead to more revenue for your business. 


Over the next few weeks, we are going to go in depth with the TPT version of the GBBO challenge - the signature, technical, and showstopper, common myths about branding, and easy ways to get yourself to be a Star Baker (or Star TPTer)! 


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