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Level Up Your Show-Stopper Game: Product Listings and Marketing

Level Up Your Show-Stopper Game: Product Listings and Marketing

marketing tpt sellers tpt store May 31, 2021

We are into the last week of the Great British Bake Off and how it relates to TpT! This week is all about the Showstopper Challenge, or Product Listings and Marketing! 

This challenge is for bakers to show of their talent and wow the judges with a well-designed bake that also is amazing in flavor. 

In the same way, the show-stopper is how you are putting everything together in a cohesive style, wowing your audience, which leads to higher conversion rates and more sales.

Product Listing and Marketing Myths


1. You have to be on every social media platform to do well.

While it is definitely a bonus to have a marketing plan on something other than TpT plan, there have been successful sellers on just one platform. The big thing is to do what you can manage. Be consistent on the social media and marketing platforms that you are on.  

2. You don’t need previews or thumbnails.

Thumbnails: a page from your resource? Previews: not existing at all? Try to change that! Your conversion rates will increase when potential customers will see exactly what they are getting. 

3. Your product cover needs to be informative so people know what the product includes.

Your product cover doesn't need to have a lot of wording. You just want to attract the customer to get them to click to see more. Save it for the thumbnails, preview, and descriptions! A product cover just needs a title/subtitle and some other simple relevant info, such as the grade level or if it is a digital resource.

Tips to Level Up Your Show-Shopper Game


1. Be consistent and cohesive.

The is easy to do with using the same colors and fonts, and creating templates for social media, product covers, thumbnails, and yes, even previews.

2. Keep Your TPT Brand Style in Mind.

Are you a minimalist? Utilize white-space. Are you a scroll-stopper? Make those colors bright and those fonts bold! Are you a trendsetter? Add those fun and trendy patterns and designs to attract your audience.

3. Work smarter, not harder.

Repurpose when you are marketing your resources on more than one platform. You can take a series of photos of a TPT resource and add them to your product listing, but also add them to your social media posts, and even write a blog post about them and feature them in your email. It’s okay to reuse and repurpose! That’s why templates are so beneficial. It’s saves you time!

4. Customers favor a resource that is professional and captivating in appearance but also outstanding in the actual resource and the value that they are getting in order to use in their classroom.

Eliminate any grammatical errors, misalignment, and other things that may bring the quality of your product down. We are all human and make mistakes, so it could help to have an extra set of eyes after you are finished with a product.


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