SEO Tips for Teacher Sellers with Kristen Doyle

content creation podcast tpt sellers tpt store Feb 07, 2022
Keyword research, plug-ins, and search engines - it's enough to make your head spin!
Luckily we have a special guest, Kristen Doyle, breaking it all down for us!
If you are a TPT seller who has a website and/or a TPT store, and you're looking for ways to optimize your products, blog posts, e-commerce store, and anything on your website, (so that it goes to the top of the search results), this is a GREAT episode to listen to!

Today's Guest - Kristen Doyle

Kristen is a TPT seller, web designer, and the go-to SEO expert in the TPT world. She loves designing custom WordPress sites to help TPT sellers stand out in the crowd and coaching them on growing their passive income by using SEO strategies to drive more traffic to their stores.

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Key Takeaways from the Episode


[6:28]: SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of creating your web content or updating things you already have so that they rank really well in search engines. This can apply to your product listings AND to your blog posts!

[8:49]: A huge challenge that TPT sellers with SEO may have is choosing the right keywords. A huge mistake TPT sellers make with SEO is using plugins on websites and assume that the green light means everything is good. There is SO much more to it!

[13:11]: A few ways to stand out and rank higher in the TpT search results would be to put keywords in the titles and descriptions that teachers would be searching for. Think in the mind of a teacher! Plus, it helps you on Google. You can actually have TpT products show up in Google searches as well!

[16:06]: Avoid keyword stuffing in titles and changing them up too frequently depending on the month or season. It's not a good long-term strategy - TpT is catching onto this! It's also not good from a buyer's perspective.

[19:25]: Utilize Rank Math for your SEO plug-in if you utilize Wordpress. There are so many added benefits! Also, be sure to avoid adding as many categories on your website or blog post.

[23:22]: Kristen has a course that will be open for enrollment soon, called SEO for Teacher-Authors! You can learn more information at !


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