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Getting Savvy With Social Media

Getting Savvy With Social Media

branding content creation marketing teachers tpt sellers Apr 26, 2021

I’ve saved the best for last - social media!

Today we are focusing on tips and strategies to create and market content for your accounts so that it matches your brand. 



Before We Start


The last thing you want to do is have a bunch of posts that don’t really fit with your business brand personality and values. Everything you do on social media must be purposeful and related to your brand.

The main purpose of social media is to connect first and then sell second. Relationships over sales are key. It’s okay to post occasional sales or feature some of your products but it should not be the focus of every single post.

When you are marketing, you are building connections and getting to know your audience. 


3 Tips for Using Social Media


1. Have a Plan


First, think about how often and where you want to post. I don’t recommend starting off the bat with all 3 platforms, but gradually adding them on or hyper-focusing on one. Think about where your audience is. I started only on Instagram for a long time before adding things in, and I still focus most of my time on there. 

Other questions to ask yourself are: Do you want to post on your platform every day? Every other day? Every week?

Whatever frequency you choose, it needs to be consistent! 


2. Utilize Templates

The next thing is to get some templates going for feeds! Have at least 3-4 templates designed so you can plug and switch them out. Make sure the templates fit your any visual elements in your brand and include a watermark of your brand name or your handle name.

Here are some template ideas! You could have a template for:

  • inspiring quotes
  • testimonials
  • new blog post or podcast
  • featured product
  • sharing information

The rest of your feed can be of some photos of yourself, photos of your classroom, photos of your TPT products, etc. Mix it up! 

 Depending on what type of social media account you have, you may have more templates than photographs and vice versa, but I think the typical TPT social media account account should have a nice balance of templates and real photos.  



3. Plan and Schedule Your Content

Now it’s time to plan and schedule your content. You can plan just the photos or templates you’ll be using, or you can also write out the captions and have the hashtags ready.

I do recommend planning out at least a week in advance so you’re not scrambling for a photo. You have a game plan and it’s intentional and purposeful (and saves you time)! 

You can also choose to schedule your content using tools such as the Facebook Business Suite.


Here are a few extra tips I have for some very common platforms that a lot of teachers may be on: 



  • In lieu of photos, making Reels and adding that to your feed is a great way to add your unique personality and make fun/connecting posts for your audience. 
  • Utilize stories! Share random parts of your life to your audience and funny memes that you see that wouldn’t necessarily look nice on your feed. Add questions or polls to engage your audience. Make it fun!  When you get messages, make sure to respond and connect, don’t just like their comment! 
  • Stories and Reels are another great way to share a behind-the-scenes look at your TPT store, what new products you are making, or an inside look at your products. So make sure to add that in addition to your connecting posts. 



  • Facebook Groups are where it’s at. If you’re not too keen on starting your own Facebook group, you’re in luck! Find places where your ideal teacher customer is in. If you cater to mostly upper elementary math, search and join Facebook groups that they would be in. When questions arise, you can give free information and advice to them, and depending if self-promotion is allowed or not, refer them to a product you have that would be relevant to them. 



  • If you brave the world of TikTok, you might get a lot of great responses and traction! My best tip for TikTok is to make it light and fun. Find fun and trendy TikTok dances or sounds and make it relevant to your business or your teacher life. You can also easily repost it on Instagram Reels.


Action Tip

Think about all marketing platforms that you use in your business and rank them according to importance.

Decide on which platforms are essential at moving the needle in your business and which ones can be added with extra time. Then create and design consistent content (through batching of course)!!


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