Creating Resources Teachers REALLY Need with Megan Hunt

content creation marketing podcast tpt sellers tpt store Mar 07, 2022
Are you a teacher seller who isn't entirely sure what type of resources to create?
Maybe you're not sure exactly what captures a potential customer's attention or what drives them to buy certain TPT products... and sidestep others.
You're in luck! This episode is a little close to home for me. I chat with my sister-in-law and fellow teacher Megan Hunt about what she looks for in a quality resource and listing.
Megan Hunt is a 1st grade teacher who lives and works in Magnolia, TX. She has 2 years under her belt and is all about SIMPLIFYING!
Megan shares tons of insights into teaching during the pandemic. She may even be your ideal teacher customer! This episode is a must-listen to for any TpT seller who wants to do some market research.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • [3:46] - Teaching during the pandemic is a struggle. Everyone is still dealing with everyday work and home life, but everything feels a little heavier. It's hard for young students right now and typically their frustrations and emotions come out in their behavior.
  • [7:47] - Across the board, students and teachers need simplicity. Teachers are being stretched too thin and it's causing a lot of experienced teachers to burn out and leave the profession. It's important that resources don't have a lot of fluff and doesn't take a lot of time to prep.
  • [9:27] - Megan's favorite resources for her class are from Schoolhouse Diva and Daydreaming About Data because of their task cards and backward decoding PowerPoints.
  • [10:55] - One important thing Megan looks for in a TPT resource are well-presented thumbnails or product covers and titles that are exactly what is advertised.
  • [12:00] - Previews that show screenshots and are well thought out are helpful and will prevent buyer's remorse.
  • [13:09] - If the resource is easy to prep and use (and is indicated that way), people will be more likely to buy.
  • [15:34] - Bad reviews and price won't deter a buyer!
  • [16:50] - A couple of resources Megan would love to see more of on TpT are resources that teach about COVID that are kid-friendly, and fun social skills lessons.
  • [18:10] - Resources that there could be less of are ones that aren't delivered as advertised. This includes resources that aren't tagged with relevant standards or resources that are riddled with mistakes. 
  • [21:21] - Think of the product creation process like the writing process. Take a step back after you've created your resource and revisit in a couple of days. Chances are, you'll see something that you need to correct. 


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