Ways to Refresh or Revive Your TPT Business

branding content creation marketing podcast tpt sellers tpt store May 30, 2022

We've made it to the very last episode of Season 1! To commemorate this inaugural season, I want to share with you a variety of ways you can revise or refresh your TPT business (and yourself) this summer - or whenever you feel a reset is necessary! 


Throughout the episode, I share with you some of my favorite episodes of the season that relate to each tip, as well as the top 5 most downloaded episodes that are a MUST to go back and listen to! 


Thanks for tuning in to the show. I can't wait for another fun season in the fall!






Key Takeaways from the Episode

 Review data and make a plan.

Episode 40: Using Data to Drive Creation can walk you through which products you should create next based on your data!


Update your product listings.

Episode 37: DIY Your Product Photography will help you with tips to take and edit amazing photos with your phone, and Episode 29: Do You Have These Essentials in Your Product Listings will help you know what you need as you upload your products to TPT!


Attend the TPT Forward 2022 Conference.

You can click here to register and take a listen to Episode 3: TPT Forward 21 Conference Takeaways.


Learn from others to improve your TPT store.

Here's a list of the top 5 downloaded episodes from Season 1 of The Creative Teacher Podcast!

                    1. SEO Tips for Teacher Sellers with Kristen Doyle

                    2. Creating Resources Teachers Really Need with Megan Hunt

                    3. Creating a Click-Worthy Lead Magnet

                    4. Using Contrast to Increase Product Cover Conversion Rates

                    5. Product listing Tips and Tricks


RELAX and enjoy your break!

No explanation needed. It's been a tough and crazy year. You deserve a break!


Creative Action Tip

Think about what you need to do to maximize your summer - whether it's through working on your store, relaxing and not thinking about school, or something in between! 


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