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branding content creation podcast tpt sellers tpt store Apr 11, 2022
It's not every day that I will go live to talk about product listings, but when I do, it's definitely one for the books (but I might be a little biased)!
I recently went live at a Virtual Weekend Retreat hosted by Misty Miller. I'm giving you some highlights into the session I presented and the Live Q&A I hosted! It was so hard cutting down this Q&A, but in this episode I share with you my very favorite parts.





Key Takeaways from the Episode

In this episode, you will learn: 
  • a peek into my session at the Virtual Retreat
  • my journey as a TPT seller
  • how to choose brand colors in your store
  • beat the blurry thumbnails (for PC and Mac users)
  • tips for deciding on what resources to make next
  • appealing to your ideal teacher customer


Creative Action Tip

Pick a tip that I share about creating resources or product listings and implement it in your business!


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