My Favorite Fonts to Use in the Classroom

teacher tips Oct 25, 2020


Before I dig in, let me tell you a little bit of my background. I've been font-obsessed since for as long as I can remember. Growing up, we had Microsoft Office and I loved creating and designing brochures, newsletters, slideshows, and stories in Word and PowerPoint. In 5th grade, my favorite fonts were Tempus Sans, Kristen ITC, and Ravie (but don't worry, I've upped my game very considerably)!


Here's my go-to list of paid and free fonts that I love to use for my social media posts, TPT products, product covers, thumbnails, and even to engage students in the classroom! 

 Fonts Used: AG Joy of Missing Out, AG How Do You Survive, PB Books and Coffee, PB Skinny Mocha

Amy Groesbeck Fonts

Amy Groesbeck is a font super-star! On top of her amazing products, she creates fun fonts with catchy names like "AG Resting Teacher Face" and "AG This Could've Been An Email". My go-to fonts from her are "AG Joy of Missing Out", "AG Taco Tuesday", and "AG Running Late is My Cardio".


Check out more of Amy Groesbeck Fonts on TpT HERE!


Perfect Blend Fonts

A Perfect Blend Fonts is another must-have in your font toolkit! Perfect Blend has cute, coffee-inspired fonts like "PB Cold Brew Coffee" and "PB Brewing With Joy". Her doodle fonts are also top notch as well! My go-to fonts are "PB Rise and Grind", "PB Coffee Before Talkie", and "PB Books and Coffee".


Check out more of Perfect Blend Fonts on TpT HERE!


KA Fonts by Kaitlynn Albani

I discovered KA Fonts this summer and haven't looked back! KA Fonts is a new addition to my favorite fonts and if you love script fonts, you've definitely got to take a look at what she has to offer. My go-to fonts are "KA Peach Market" and "KA Rainbow Dreams".


Check out more of KA Fonts on TpT HERE!

Fonts Used: Century Gothic, AG How Do You Survive, KA Guilty

Free Fonts

These are a few of my favorite free fonts that you may already have installed on your computer. I love the clean, rounded look of fonts, so I love to use these in many avenues of my teacherpreneur business. The following are all compatible with Google, so you can easily use these to create your digital products! Click on the links to download from Google Fonts.


Century Gothic (you can find this already installed on most computers!)



Didact Gothic



Fonts are essential to creating and designing appealing products for your TpT Store. If you haven't already, grab the guide that will tell you 9 key strategies that are an absolute MUST to use in your TPT Product Covers.

Grab it HERE!


What are your go-to fonts? Which ones do you love to use?

Stay tuned for next week of the TPT Teacherpreneur Series!



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