My Favorite Brands and What We Can Learn From Them

branding podcast tpt sellers Apr 18, 2022
What's in a brand? What can we learn from them? Evidently - a lot! 
Think about your favorite brands. What draws you to them? Why do you stick around? What makes you buy certain products from your favorite brands instead of other similar items? 
Thinking about brands outside of the TpT world is a great way to takeaway lessons and tips to apply to your own Teachers pay Teachers store and business.




Key Takeaways from the Episode


Bailey Sarian -  Host of Murder, Mystery and Makeup

I found her on my Facebook feed and she has a Youtube channel. What draws me in is how she explains the stories (many that I’ve heard before), she's quirky and fun, plus she shows how to put on makeup!

Lesson: You do not need to try to reach everyone. Niche down!


Mommy Labor Nurse

I found her on Instagram. She has very funny and informative reels and posts on common myths during pregnancy, facts for prenatal care, the birthing process, postpartum tips for mom and baby, breast feeding, and so much more. 

Lesson: Brands can be informative and teach something to their audience.


Baby Frida/Mom Frida

I found this brand in Target. They sell mostly postpartum care items for moms and baby essentials. I love them because they have fun catch phrases, puns, and play on words in their packaging. I love the packaging itself. It's clean packaging that is unique and draws the eye.

Lesson: Brands with a unique voice and style stand out



Apple is stylish, minimalist, functional, and they create beautiful products. The feeling of opening up the products is an experience in of itself! 

Lesson: Brands can evoke a feeling or emotion.


Creative Action Tip

Pick a lesson that resonates with you or a lesson that you would like to focus on in your business. Find a few ways you can adhere to that lesson! 


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