Using Kahoot! For Distance Learning

classroom community engagement Sep 27, 2020

It can be tough to find ways to engage students or reward students through distance learning. One platform I’ve used during virtual learning that the kids LOVED was Kahoot!



Kahoot! is a free database of quiz-style learning games that come in a variety of topics. You can play live or you can assign the game to students to complete on their own. It takes only minutes to create a free account on Kahoot! and start playing. Here are 6 quick tips for using this fun online learning tool.


Preview the Quizzes Beforehand

Make sure to look at all the questions on the Kahoot! game before you play or assign to students to make sure they are relevant and appropriate to the topic. There are a variety of games available for kids from K-12. If you need to add, edit, or delete questions, you can duplicate and edit the quiz!


Give Expectations Before You Play

Be sure to set rules and expectations before playing. I always liked to explain some of the answers after it was revealed, and students were asked to have a Level 0 voice (no talking) while I was talking. I also made sure students knew to be respectful and to not shout out the answers. The biggest rule was to have fun and try your best on the questions.


Share the Screen and Sound to Students

Part of the fun is the sound effects and music! Be sure to share your screen AND sound with the students for a more fun experience.


Give Students Time to Discuss

You can adjust the answer time to whatever best meets the needs of your students, but normally students get 20 seconds to answer the question (or if all students answer the questions). After each answer is shown, discuss the answers with the students and take the time to elaborate on the topic before moving on to the next questions.


Keep It Friendly

I don’t recommend assigning the game as a grade. Keep it fun and light! Students have the option to choose nicknames, and I also allow all students to be unmuted for the live games. I want to make it as engaging and as interactive as possible.


Allow for Suggestions

Get feedback from your students! I always like to ask for topics or ideas on what they’d like to play in future Kahoot! games. It gives me an idea on what my students like and want more of to make Kahoot! something they can look forward to.


The best part about Kahoot! is that it can be used in both online and face-to-face formats. When you and your class eventually go back face-to-face, you can still implement Kahoot! as a part of your way of reviewing and rewarding.

Sign up or play Kahoot! HERE!


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