Instagram Tips for TPT Sellers with Jamie Jasperson

marketing podcast tpt sellers Mar 14, 2022
Instagram is constantly changing, and staying on top of trends and best practices is important to maximize your Teachergram account. If you're looking for tips on all of the above, Instagram expert Jamie Jasperson is here to chat!
Jamie of Basic Girl Teaches is a teacher and instructional designer. She helps teacher business owners establish their brands and connect with their customers on Instagram. You can follow her on Instagram at @basicgirlteaches and her website

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • [7:11] - Instagram has given Jamie a space to connect with other teachers and through this, her business has evolved to helping others connect with their audiences.
  • [8:52] - Instagram is a great place to market your teacher business because teachers are on Instagram and they are looking for advice and encouragement and support, and they're also finding those communities for guidance and ideas. It's fun to also see relatable memes and have a mix of profiles that aren't all the same but have a unique style to it. 
  • [11:46] - A challenge teacher sellers may have on the Instagram profile are that they believe it's where you list facts about yourself, but in reality, the profile should be used to help people make a decision. You only have a few seconds to help them make that decision.
  • [14:33] - A challenge teacher sellers may have on their Instagram feed is that they don't talk very much about their offers. No one can purchase from you if they don't know that you have anything to sell
  • [15:33] - If you're worried about how much is too much when it comes to sales posts - the real answer is - that it depends! Take a look at your data to see what works best for your audience.
  • [16:48] - The types of posts that are the best in order to gain followers can depend on your goals. If you want to gain followers quickly, then do a giveaway. Right now, the best way is intentional use of Reels - focusing on reels that attract your ideal audience, what they relate to, how you're an expert in your niche. 
  • [19:36] -Spend some time looking at other accounts and analyzing how you feel and your reaction. Think about how you landed on someone's profile or considered following someone. 


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Jamie has an free e-book called Teachergram 101. It's a guide to all the basics of Instagram and includes explanations about topics such as the Instagram algorithm and content types. There are also details about each content format (posts, stories, reels, and live videos) and suggested content ideas for each format. You can download the e-book at


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