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Is Instagram Shopping Worth It?

Is Instagram Shopping Worth It?

marketing tpt sellers Apr 15, 2021

I’ve got a bonus post for you, and it’s a good one!

You may have heard of Instagram Shopping and how it is a way for consumers to purchase products directly from Instagram. It can be an amazing asset to your business depending on what you sell.



But in my experience (of being approved to have Instagram Shop on my IG account), there isn’t really a one-size fits all, and not every teacherpreneur needs an Instagram Shop for a few simple reasons. I’m going to share with you my experience with IG Shops and some ways to know if you should look into having Instagram Shops on your teachergram account.


IG Shops is great for Teacherpreneurs who sell a physical product.


If you sell product such as T-shirts, mugs, stickers, jewelry, lanyards, posters, etc., basically anything that needs to be printed, packaged, and shipped out, this is a great addition to your business.

You can post photographs of your products and tag the products to your Instagram Shopping page. You can also tag products in your stories and get people to swipe up. And, you DON’T have to have 10K followers in order to be approved with instagram shopping or use all the functions it offers.

One of the main things to have is a Facebook page for your business and your own website domain. 


IG Shops is not great for Teacherpreneurs who sell a digital product. 


If you sell products on TPT or anything where buyers will purchase and receive a digital product, this is not a good fit for you.

It’s against the terms of use to sell digital products with IG Shopping. There is a risk that Instagram/Facebook could see that as a violation and make your account inactive. 


IG Shops is not great for any teacherpreneurs who have too much on their plate.


There are ways to connect Instagram Shopping to your E-commerce platforms so that it’s all in one place, but it is quite a process to get everything set up.

If you feel as though you are spread thin right now, whether you are selling a physical or digital product, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Instagram Shopping could be great to try during summer break or when you have some free time (and more bandwidth) to get it off the ground.


 My IG Shopping Experience


Shortly after I started my Instagram account, I wanted to also have an Instagram Shopping tab. So after hours of trying to figure out what to do, I did eventually get approved and figured out how to get my resources directed to TPT.

I figured it would be a great way for my products to be seen.

But months went by and statistics showed that it wasn’t making much of a difference in bringing traffic to my store. In fact, any time I tagged a post, the likes and comments and reach went drastically DOWN!

Additionally, after reading Instagram’s terms of use, I realized that I shouldn’t really be posting my TPT products on my store because they were not physical products. So again, I tried a new venture, selling teacher shirts.

At that point, especially being in the middle of the school year, it was way too much bandwidth for me to create and sell a Branding Workshop, create content for my audience, TPT products, and being a full-time teacher and mom. I realized that one thing had to go, and that was the T-shirts.

I definitely don’t regret that decision. Maybe when Instagram extends their terms of use to allow business owners to sell digital products, I might reconsider!


If you are a teacher business who sells mostly physical products that will be shipped out to your customers, I totally recommend adding Instagram Shopping to your business. Otherwise, it may be one more thing on your plate that you don’t necessarily need or want.

I’ve added a helpful link for you to get started!



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