Using Idea Pins to Grow Your Teacher Business with Emilee Vales

marketing podcast tpt sellers tpt store May 23, 2022
Are you ready to throw the towel and give up on Pinterest? Not just yet, my friend! What typically has worked in the past in our pinning strategies may have to shift to something new and trending in Pinterest - Idea Pins! Luckily, we have special guest Emilee Vales breaking it all down for us! 
Former teacher turned Pinterest Marketing and Ads Strategist, Emilee thrives off of diving into her clients data and analytics to create personalized strategies that will ultimately turn their traffic into profit! When she's not obsessing over how she can take her clients further with their marketing strategies, or educating her students on how to take their business to the next level with Pinterest, she's chasing around two sweet little girls or spending time with her husband. After feeling called to be at home with her kids and leaving the teaching world, she can finally say she's living the work at home mom life that she thought was only in her dreams.

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Key Takeaways from the Episode

  • Listen to factors that led to Emilee’s decision to stay at home 
  • Emilee’s incredible journey from the classroom to working at home as a VA/freelancer for teacherpreneurs.
  • Idea Pins (formerly Story pins) are the newest pin format that has been released.
  • Multi-page pins – you can share static images, video, or a combination or two.
  • You need to be selling a fully conceptualized idea – you want them to take action
  • Business owners have been apprehensive of Idea Pins because it won’t let you link to TPT products like static pins.
  • Idea pins are really good for boosting engagement and building a following.
  • Pinterest is working on making it more shoppable so people can checkout directly on Pinterest
  • Static and video pins need a be a part of your strategy, but idea pins also need to be used because they are being favored for distribution.
  • Use short-form video content in your idea pins!
  • Test it out! Video typically performs the best, but it’s best to test it out with your audience.
  • Think about what your audience clicks on or is interested in on Pinterest.
  • Create Pinterest pins in the app! This is how you can tag products, add music, stickers, text , etc.
  • Leave your pin description in the notes section for idea pins.
  • Repurpose content from other platforms for your idea pins.


Creative Action Tip

 See what you can do to implement one of the many strategies and tips Emilee shares in the episode! 


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