How to Grow Your Following and Earnings on TPT

branding content creation marketing mindset podcast tpt sellers tpt store Dec 06, 2021

Is it possible to make money on TPT - even with a small following?
Take it from me, someone who earned their first 4 figure month with less than 200 TPT followers and less than 1,000 followers on social media - you absolutely can make money with a small following! 
This episode is for you if you're ready to hear some hard truths that I had to grapple with and overcome - which you may be able to relate to! 
I am also going to share with you some secrets to grow your following on TPT and get a little extra cash and some extra cha-chings in your pocket without needing to have hundreds or thousands of followers.

In this episode, you will learn:


- Seven hard truths that no one may tell you about having a TPT store (but I will!)

 - How to host a giveaway without putting in a ton of money in the pot

- Tips to join a like-minded Facebook group in order to share about your business

- How to create a time-sensitive email marketing campaign to promote your resources

- A little-known way to boost views and sales (right on the TPT platform!)

- Tips to check that your products are optimized for the TPT search engine

- How to think in the minds of potential customers when it comes to creating a visually-appealing and inviting storefront



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