4 Life-Saving Grading Hacks

classroom instruction time management Oct 25, 2021

Grading can be a b - sometimes... ya feel me?
It feels like a constant cycle that will pile up if you don't take some time to knock it out.
Even worse? Trying to track down multiple classes full of students who are missing assignments or need retakes.
Are you feeling this way?
I’ve found just a few grading hacks that I plan on sharing with you in today's episode that have helped me out and making it less of a daunting task. I still don’t like it, but now it’s much more tolerable!
In this episode, you will learn:
  • Why it's important not to grade everything that gets turned in
  • How you can pick what to grade in an assignment
  • The "grading a page at a time" trick
  • Developing autonomy in students by having them grade (and taking their word on it!)
Try to implement one of these hacks and see how using one could cut down some time in your grading workload!
Connect with me - screenshot this on your phone and upload/tag me @thesouthernteach of your biggest aha moment from this episode (or any episode!)
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