Four Types of Online Marketing…and the One That Could Be Best for Your TPT Business

marketing podcast tpt sellers tpt store Dec 27, 2021

It can be hard to know how to share your resources outside of the Teachers pay Teachers platform - especially when we as teachers have a background in education and NOT marketing! Which platform is best for marketing your TPT business to drive potential customers into your TPT store?
In this episode, we will talk about 4 common types of online marketing (that entrepreneurs use throughout many niches - not just in the education world!) and discuss how to know which ones may be best to use for your business. We'll dip our feet in and talk about the benefits of each type of online marketing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why social media marketing is a great piece of short-form content for those who love to connect and get creative
  • Why to utilize email marketing if you love to write and provide value to your audience
  • Why content marketing is a great way to increase organic search traffic and conversions for resources in your store
  • Why ads are for you if you want to reach your target audience and bring awareness to your store
  • Three steps to decide which of the four platforms will be best for you and your business

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