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Hey there! Welcome to the official trailer of The Creative Teacher Podcast, AKA Episode 0! I'm so excited to be starting this podcast for teachers and teacher sellers and am so glad you're able to join me on this journey. 
My name is Kirsten, and I'm a teacher, toddler mama, and part-time business owner. I started a blog in 2020 and begin sharing my ideas for teachers in the classroom and switched to all things design and branding for TPT sellers. This podcast will cover all of the above! 

In this short and sweet episode, I share with you:

  • My experience as an elementary teacher and how I got started with a teacher business on Teachers pay Teachers
  • What to expect (and not expect) from The Creative Teacher Podcast
  • My ultimate goal for you and my big reason for creating this podcast


This podcast will be officially launching its first episode on August 30, 2021! 


Creative Action Tip

Make sure to stay connected so you don't miss out on creative ideas for your classroom and/or for your teacher business. Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast, and if you're loving what you hear, feel free to leave 5-star review! 

Let's connect! 

TPT Store: The Southern Teach by Kirsten


Instagram: @thesouthernteach

Facebook: The Southern Teach


Grab one of these FREE resources below to get started on your path to becoming a Creative Teacher!

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