Creating a Click-Worthy Lead Magnet

marketing podcast tpt sellers Feb 14, 2022

How would it feel to know EXACTLY what goes into a lead magnet that makes your audience want to click that "Subscribe" button, download that freebie, and continue to stay on your email list and get to know you more?


I've learned a ton from Amy Porterfield about getting people to opt into my email list - and over time, I've had some wins and made some mistakes. And that's okay! 


In today's episode, I'm going to share with you my best strategies from my experience. We will get to talk about the process of how to create a powerful opt-in that targets potential customers - just in time for Valentine's Day! 





Key Takeaways from the Episode


  • [1:43] A lead magnet is a free resource that a person can get in exchange for their email address. This is also called a  freebie or opt-in.
  • [2:39] It's important to have a lead magnet because it's a way to build a really strong image so that people can see that it's not just about getting money from them. It's a way to prove that you know what you're talking about in your niche.
  • [3:37] There are all kinds of lead magnets out there! Guides, mini-courses, email challenge, and more! 
  • [5:01] To find out what is the best lead magnet is not a one size fits all. What does matter is that whatever you give them, it needs to be a quick win and specific to your target audience's needs. 
  • [8:24] To get people to actually opt in means you need to make your landing page look appealing, the actual resource appealing, and the writing, or copy, on your landing page that speaks to your ideal customer.
  • [11:40] How do you know if a lead magnet is a hit or a flop! The answer? Time. Email opt in rates are usually at 5-15% (and a really great one is over 20%). 
  • [14:14] When a subscribers opt-in, there are a few things you can do - either you can automatically add them to your general email list (with specific tags and segments) or you can put them in a special welcome email sequence.


Creative Action Tip


Plan out a new lead magnet or tweak an old lead magnet. If you feel like one isn't converting as well as you'd like, tweak it using some of the tips I share with you today. Look at it in the eyes of your audience! 


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