Classroom Jobs For Students During the Pandemic

classroom community teachers time management Oct 11, 2020

Classroom jobs as we know it are just not the same right now in 2020, and there's no telling if they will ever be the same again. Gone are the days of paper passers, technology helpers, and librarians. The good news is that with a little creativity, some jobs (both old and new) can be given to promote student responsibility, independence, and a sense of community.


Line Leader and Caboose

Both of these jobs will stand the test of time. The line leader stands at the front of the line and the caboose is always at the end.


Floor Monitor

This job can easily be done by the student visually scanning the floor at different points during the day.


Attendance Monitor

You can have a student help you with attendance each day and remind you to submit attendance and take note of absent and/or tardy students.


Lunch Count

Have a student keep track of who is buying a lunch in the cafeteria each day.


Time Keeper

Have a student keep track of important transition times, such as when it is time to pack up, go to lunch or recess, or just when it's time to move on to another subject.


Brain Break Leader

This student would be able to select a song or video or activity to play during brain break times.


Class Meeting Leader

This student would be in charge of facilitating the class meeting at the beginning or end of the day.


Social Distancing Monitor

The student would ensure students are social distancing when moving throughout the classroom, hallways, and other parts of the building.


Restroom Monitors

This person can monitor who would go in and out of the restroom during class restroom breaks. You can have a boy and a girl monitor and ensure a set number of students are in the restroom at a time.


Desk Monitor

This person can visually scan to see if all chairs are pushed in, desks are neat, and personal belongings are in the appropriate spot. This can be done before leaving the classroom.



Tried and true, this job is great for students who are absent.


Give students responsibility even during the pandemic! Assigning permanent or rotating jobs to students in your class is a great way to promote a sense of ownership and community (and it gives you a little less to worry about)!


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