Brand Values - Digging Deep in the Backbone of your TPT Business

branding podcast tpt sellers May 09, 2022
On the surface, it may seem as though logos, colors, and pictures are what makes up a brand. But this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Today we are going to dig deep into the backbone of your business - your brand values. We all have them - whether you realize it or not.


We all have them - whether you realize it or not. We will chat about what brand values are, why they are important to a business, and how you make sure you are attracting the right people with what you believe in.





Key Takeaways from the Episode

  • 80% of consumers forget branded content after 3 days. If people are stumbling on  your TPT store or Instagram profile and it’s not memorable, they forget about it. This is because your target audience is not able to keep your brand top of mind. This is why core values are extremely important.
  • Brand Values are beliefs that you stand for as a business. It drives your story, messaging, voice, visuals, and the resources you sell.
  • It’s important to have core values because it helps connect you to your customers or ideal teacher customers. You must do this on a deeper level to stand out and be memorable.
  • The benefits of having brand values are that it attracts new customers that align with your core beliefs, helps bring consistency to your messaging, and your target audience is more likely to trust you, buy new products from you, or recommend you to others.
  • You can determine your core values with a value proposition, which gives detailed information on what your business stands for, why a customer would choose your products, and the problem you want to help solve.

            Ask yourself:

          1. Which customers are you going to serve?

          2. What are your customer's pain points, worries, or problems?

          3. How do you help your customers get results or problems solved?

          4. What unique way do you solve the customer's pain points, worries,

             or problems?

  •     Make sure your core values are actionable, memorable, unique, specific, meaningful, accessible.

Creative Action Tip

Answer the questions above to create your value proposition and utilize this resource  to help you pinpoint your core brand values!

Learn more about how to clarify your branding! 


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