How to Create a Brand Board for Your Business

branding podcast tpt sellers Feb 21, 2022

I love creating creating visual brand items not only for my TPT store but for other TPT sellers. And one of the top mistakes I notice when working with TPT sellers is that they don't have specific brand colors or fonts.


So in today's episode, we are going to talk about what a brand board is and how it can help you stay consistent. The best part? It is super easy to implement!








Key Takeaways from the Episode


  • [2:01] A brand board is a short and easy-to-read document that includes all of the visual elements that are in a brand.
  • [2:31] It's important to have a brand board because it's a way to help you stay consistent visually. It's easy to copy and paste certain colors and fonts so that you stay on track with the fonts you use and the colors you use.
  • [3:17] The first part of your brand board would be a primary logo. This would be your main circular logo that you would utilize in your TPT store. 
  • [3:53] The next part of your brand board would be any alternative logos that you might use. Alternative logos could be watermarks or transparent versions of your logo.
  • [4:28] A color palette lists all the colors that are in your brand, and you can add hex codes to make sure you're using the exact shades across the board. 
  • [6:18]  There's a hierarchy that you follow with the type of typography or fonts that you use, and with that, it's important to make sure the fonts you use are consistent on websites, on social media posts. Keeping it all consistent and on brand helps you become more recognizable. 
  • [8:31] The last part of a brand board would be your mood board. These are just a series of inspirational pictures that describe your brand in general. And this could be just for reference, not just for you, but anybody who is designing things for your store.


Links Mentioned in this Episode

Check out this blog post on picking the colors you need for your brand is one of my favorite tools to use when creating color palettes for my clients!

If you're a Canva Pro user, you can upload colors, fonts, and logos in your account under the Brand Kit section. But if you're looking to create a brand board using all 5 elements I share with you today, then download this free Canva brand board template

Want to learn more than just the visual part of the brand? Check out the Branding Your Teacher Business Workshop 


Creative Action Tip


I want you sometime this week to take the time to put your brand colors, fonts and logos in one place so that you can stay consistent this week! 



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